Digital Strategist

Join Structure as our new Digital Strategist and work with a committed group of creative and technical leaders. We are a growing, remote digital agency based in the United States. Our culture is ideal for ambitious professionals seeking a supportive career and a healthy work/life balance.

About Structure

If you’ve ever worked at an agency before, you know that the standard protocol is to squeeze as much as possible from everyone you work with—clients and team members included. At Structure, we do things differently. We believe that business is personal, which means we value people over profit and ​are committed to investing in relationships no matter the cost.

About the Position

As a Digital Strategist at Structure, you’ll run our proprietary Website Strategy & Design process to help clients plan, design, and launch marketing, content, e-commerce sites and campaigns. You’ll be the internal authority regarding your assigned client’s goals, needs, expectations, challenges, and opportunities along every step in their project. 

Your daily work will include consulting and communicating with clients, researching and planning digital strategies, and collaborating directly with our Project Manager (and other team members) to ensure digital projects meet the strategic goals and objectives they are supposed to.

Ideal candidates for this position should have expertise in strategic areas related to digital projects, such as digital marketing, advertising, content, and website strategies. 

The outstanding Digital Strategist should be creative yet analytical and able to grasp modern web experiences and best practices intuitively. They’ll use their knowledge and skillset to invent solutions for our clients’ digital presence.

This position is ideal for someone who has worked in an agency or consulting environment and has a college degree or relevant experience.

Project Examples

If these are activities that you thoroughly enjoy, this job might fit you.

  • Facilitate a virtual or in-person digital strategy session to help a client define goals, user needs, and technical requirements for their website, campaign, or digital project
  • Map out user flows and define the ideal customer journey to maximize conversions for a client e-commerce website
  • Conduct website audits and analyze user experience, content strategy, and user interface in order to provide improvements and recommendations
  • Create basic wireframes to present recommended layouts based on content strategy and page objectives—and direct a web designer to ensure your wireframes come to life
  • Create content outlines and communicate content strategies to assist your clients and team members in the content creation process
  • Develop a content or advertising strategy that helps a client achieve their digital growth objectives
  • Gather inspiring samples of types of website interaction & design; brainstorm feasibility of ideas with a designer, developer, and project manager
  • Present website designs to a client and take critical feedback from them
  • Research and find plugins or existing web infrastructure that matches a client’s criteria and goals, then present them to the client for feedback and approval
  • Source stock images and videos for a client’s website
  • QA a client’s website to ensure the final product meets the client’s original strategic goals
  • Help to ensure the execution of strategy across the project lifecycle in collaboration with our team, including design and UX, web development, content and SEO, and account management
  • Improve process inefficiencies to improve the client journey and internal productivity
  • Share thought leadership in between projects by writing about web strategy on our blog

Our Values

  • Business is personal. This impacts how we treat our clients and our team.
  • Relationships determine results. Good results are the fruit that grows from a healthy tree.
  • Family is worth fighting for. You can’t be successful at work when you’re struggling at home; we care.
  • Give away the business. Do the right thing, no matter the cost.

How to Apply

Introduce yourself using the provided application form. Our recruiter will respond typically within a day or two.

Please note: Structure is a small company hiring with intentionality. Real humans will read your application.

To be considered, please include your resume and submit a three-minute video answering the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in this position? 
  2. What do you know about our company? 
  3. What is your ideal work environment? 
  4. What are your strengths? 
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

We also appreciate examples of previous projects you’ve worked on. We encourage you to apply even if you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications but feel like you’d be a good fit.


Required Soft Skills

You’ll need to communicate, collaborate, and lead exceptionally well. Here are the things we’re looking for:

  • You see opportunities when presented with a problem
  • Ideas come quickly and often, and you get excited about making them happen
  • You possess excellent organizational and prioritization skills
  • You’re a pro at working on multiple in-process projects within the same day
  • You like to see projects, tasks, and initiatives move forward
  • You value relationships and care how others think and feel
  • You want to leave your clients in a better place than when you met them
  • You can follow a pre-defined process but don’t mind improving or improvising
  • You’re a researcher and love to learn about new things

Required Hard Skills

You’ll need to work well in our highly creative yet technical environment. Here are some specific things we’re looking for:

  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills and confidently convey insights that inform and influence strategy
  • You’re familiar with WordPress and have used it before
  • You know what a wireframe is and why it’s used
  • You’re familiar with the differences between UI, UX, and visual design
  • You’re familiar with Figma, XD, Sketch, or similar design tools
  • You know the difference between a sans and serif font
  • You know the difference between an en dash, em dash, and hyphen
  • You know the difference between an H1, H2, and CTA button
  • You have working knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, etc. 
  • You can work independently yet collaboratively
  • You’re comfortable working remotely
  • You possess broad knowledge of modern digital strategies and best practices


Compensation & Benefits

  • Annual base salary of $70,000–$100,000 per year, depending on location, skills, and experience
  • Additional comp available through performance bonuses and sales referrals
  • 100% company-paid health and dental coverage for you and your family
  • 15 days PTO (20 after two years) accrued during the year, plus nine paid holidays
  • Fully remote work environment
  • Provided company computer and essential technology
  • Stipend for connectivity (mobile phone or home internet)
  • Up to $2,000/year in conference and training (professional development) budget