Data Analyst (Remote, Graveyard)

As a Data Analyst specializing in analyzing internal processes for our SaaS subscription service, you will be instrumental in analyzing customer behavior, identifying churn drivers, and developing strategies to optimize retention rates. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to leverage data for process optimization and operational excellence. We are looking for an A player—someone who is highly organized, detail-oriented, and with a proven track record in churn and retention analytics, sales process optimization, and internal workflow analysis.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Analyze subscription churn patterns and develop predictive models to forecast customer attrition rates.
  • Identify key factors influencing customer retention and engagement through comprehensive data analysis.
  • Collaborate with product and marketing teams to implement targeted retention campaigns based on data insights.
  • Monitor subscription KPIs such as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), customer lifetime value (CLV), and churn rate.
  • Conduct A/B testing and experimentation to optimize onboarding processes and reduce churn.
  • Utilize data visualization tools to create actionable dashboards and reports for stakeholders.
  • Partner with customer success teams to implement proactive measures for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Partner with sales teams to analyze sales processes and identify areas for optimization and efficiency improvements.
  • Analyze internal application workflows (e.g., customer support, billing) to streamline operations and enhance user experience.
  • Continuously assess data quality and integrity to ensure accuracy and reliability of analytics outputs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, or a related field
  • 3 years of experience in data analysis, preferably within a SaaS or subscription-based business environment.
  • Strong understanding of subscription churn metrics, customer segmentation, and cohort analysis.
  • Experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau, Looker, or Power BI preferred
  • Familiarity with machine learning techniques for predictive modeling and customer behavior analysis is preferred
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to translate complex data findings into actionable insights for non-technical stakeholders.
  • Proven track record of driving business impact through data-driven decision-making.
  • Experience working with subscription management platforms (e.g., Zuora, Chargebee, Stripe) preferred
  • Strong proficiency in Excel and Google Sheets, with a focus on utilizing formulas and effectively organizing and structuring data
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to data accuracy and integrity.
  • Previous exposure to customer success or retention-focused roles preferred

Other Qualifications

  • Must have access to a reliable high-speed internet connection.
  • Must have a computer with the latest model (preferably Core i3 or higher) and at least 8GB RAM.
  • Must be available for scheduled and ad-hoc calls, meetings, and chats during regular weekday working hours.
  • Must have a quiet workspace that is free from noise and distractions.
  • Must have a noise-canceling headset that provides good audio quality for clear communication.


  • Work from home

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