CX Ambassador (Spanish Speaking)

About Us:
Here at Globl.Contact, we’re shaking up the scene and changing how things are done. Our Customer Service Ambassadors are the heroes of their own story, with the freedom to shape their work life the way they want. Forget about following your job – it’s all about letting your job follow you now! Our team members call the shots on when, where, and for how long they work, all across the globe. This freedom breeds passion and commitment, paving the way for outstanding performance and top-notch service. That way every customer interaction turns into a “Happyning!”

What the Job Entails:

  • Dive into the world of outbound sales calls with high commission models, where your passion and persuasive skills will drive success.
  • Engage in B2B interactions, reaching out to hotels and companies to introduce them to the Hotel Promotion Group program and showcase its benefits.
  • Utilise your exceptional communication skills to convince potential partners to join our program and unlock exclusive opportunities for their employees.
  • Manage and track sales leads, conversions, and follow-ups with determination and a proactive attitude.


  • A genuine passion for sales and negotiation, making you a persuasive advocate for the Hotel Promotion Group program.
  • Previous experience in outbound sales or a strong desire to excel in a commission-based role in a dynamic B2B environment.
  • Fluency in Spanish and English with superior communication and listening skills.
  • Proven ability to meet and exceed targets, with a focus on building and maintaining client relationships.
  • Confidence in making cold calls and conducting sales presentations to potential partners.
  • Enjoyment in B2B interactions, presenting value propositions, and thriving in a fast-paced sales environment.
  • Highly motivated and results-driven, with a positive mindset and a hunger for success.


  • Work where others go on vacation. Your office is wherever you want to live and work: take advantage of our technologically advanced “Work from Anywhere” solution if you have a dedicated workspace and a fast internet connection.
  • We provide all the necessary equipment for your daily work to ensure the best service for our customers at your chosen workplace.
  • Receive multi-week, paid training and supervised onboarding before you commence your role.
  • In uncertain times, opt for secure solutions – with us, you secure a permanent employment contract.
  • Maximize flexibility with complete security: choose when and how long you want to work and receive an above-average salary for your efforts.
  • From application to phone interviews and onboarding, everything seamlessly happens virtually with us.
  • Experience support, enjoyment, and more through our unique community approach!

If you feel a connection and possess the required qualifications and experience, along with an interest in a remote position with an international focus, we eagerly anticipate receiving your application. We’re thrilled about the prospect of getting to know you and welcoming talented team members from around the world to join our company! Come join us, and together, let’s make it global.