Customer Success Specialist

Raisely helps nonprofits across the world bring their fundraising ideas to life. We’re a purpose-driven remote team, spread across 7 countries and 17 cities. 

Raisely’s Customer Success Specialists are our phenomenal front-line support team for our customers. They are product experts who understand best-practice fundraising, and how to bring a campaign to life on our platform.

About the role

You’ll be responsible for working closely with customers over our email support channels. On any single day you will be helping a charity set up a campaign, troubleshooting an issue you’ve found, tweaking the design of a page using CSS, or helping write clear and helpful documentation for our customers to find and use.

Beyond the day-to-day, you’ll play a pivotal role in improving Raisely. You’ll regularly bring customer feedback into our product roadmap, and partner with our engineering team as new features are built. You’ll have opportunities to share your expertise on webinars, our blog, and in best-practice guides and videos, as well as have opportunities to work with the rest of the team, on our quarterly team tactics. 

Like all roles at Raisely, you should be an excellent communicator, believe in the values behind our customer screen, and leave your ego at the door (amplifying others is one of our 3 core values).

By joining our team, you’ll not only get to deepen your skills but save lives, save our climate, and support the most vulnerable people in our society.


This role is full-time and permanent role. You’ll be expected to do 5 days/38hrs a week while you’re getting up to speed, then at around 3 months, will be eligible to move to 4 days/30.4hrs as part of our 4 Day Work Week policy.


We can employ you in Australia, or engage you as a contractor with equal terms anywhere in the world.


We are considering candidates who live in Western Australia (UTC+8).

What will you be doing?

Here are some things that you might tackle in your first few months. Importantly, we’ll be here to support you along the way.

  • Reply to questions in our support queue and expertly guide customers as they create their fundraising campaigns. After your first three months, there will be an opportunity to take 1:1 calls with our customers who book through an initiative called Expert Chats.
  • Complete full reviews of campaigns before they go live, spotting little errors and opportunities to improve.
  • Take part in company-wide virtual retreats and team bonding activities, like Exploding Kittens tournaments or Dutch cookie-making zooms.
  • Workshop new features with your peers, analysing customer feedback and presenting it clearly in a feature proposal.
  • Enjoy biweekly virtual coffees with your teammates around the world.
  • Help craft helpful and easy-to-follow documentation to guide users on Raisely.
  • Solve issues reported by our users, log bugs, and follow up with the engineering team to fix them quickly, as well as test beta versions of new features to spot potential issues and ensure our users have a smooth experience.
  • Brainstorm with the team to find ways to make the Raisely customer experience even more amazing.


What we’re looking for

You’re a brilliant writer

You love writing. You can break down complex concepts into clear prose. You’re able to relate to your audience, and inject your unique personality into your words. You’re able to quickly provide clear and precise information, and you know how to write with structure when needed.

You thrive on solving problems

Anyone on our Customer Success team will tell you that no day is the same. You’ve got to love understanding a problem and digging into it independently. Digital products come naturally to you, and you love playing around with something and getting it to work by yourself.

You know some basic web coding

You know basic HTML and CSS. We don’t need you to be able to build a page from scratch, but you will need to do things like tweak layouts, change backgrounds and colours, and debug CSS/HTML code. Javascript is a bonus!

You’re empathetic

You’ll spend every day speaking to passionate people, helping them create campaigns with a substantial impact in the world. For many of our customers, it’s their first time doing something like this. You’ve gotta lean on your empathy to understand their goals, and support them in a way that will work for their unique situation.

You care about making a difference

Yeah, we’re all here because we want to make the world better (and by that we mean a carbon-neutral utopia with world peace and just laws, where all people are treated the same with equal opportunity to thrive). So you’ve gotta want that too!


Ok, and why work with us?

This ain’t no NFT’s for rainforests pyramid scheme. In your first week with us, you’ll be a part of helping vetted charities raise 2.5 million dollars for everything from responding to crisis to curing cancer

So we can make this happen, we’ve made working here different. You’d be joining a fully remote, global team of compassionate, generous experts – from engineering to sales. We’re async, avoid busywork and keep meetings to a minimum. We work 4 days a week, for full-time pay, and full-time productivity. Once you’re up to speed, a regular week here is 32 hours.

Working at Raisely is unique. You’ll be able to build a product that supports people working on the things that matter: health, climate justice, human rights, and equality.

If you needed more convincing, here’s the rest of it:

Salary – We benchmark salaries based on similar roles in Sydney, Australia. This role will pay between $65-75k + super depending on your experience.

⏰ 4 Day Week & Flexible Hours – Working here is about getting your work done, not clocking hours. You’ll be eligible to work a 4 Day Week at full pay once you’re past onboarding. We’ll work with you to figure out hours that work with you, and we’re flexible when life gets in the way.

Technology – The usuals. We’ll get you a laptop and screen when you start, plus help you set up your home office.

✈️ ‘In-Person’ Retreats – Every 12 to 18 months we fly you somewhere pretty for our team retreats. Our next one is in the Hunter Valley, NSW!

Annual Leave – Everyone gets 4 weeks paid leave plus 11 days of public holidays, to be taken when you like. Plus, you are entitled to generous paid sick leave.

Work remotely – We’re a remote-first company – live and work wherever you’re happiest. We’ll cover a coworking space if you’d like to work there.

Calm Company – ⅓ of us are parents, another ⅓ are parents to fur babies, and the other ⅓, well, they have lives too, so we strive to respect each others personal time.

Training – We’ll support you when you want to learn new skills or pay for conference or course tickets.

We know with diversity comes strength. We want Raisely to be a team of many cultures, nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, religious beliefs, abilities, and ideas. We particularly encourage Indigenous people, First Nations, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disabilities, or people without the economic advantage of higher education, to apply for our roles.