CRM Expert for Email – Ecommerce

GTM Brands is looking for a full-time CRM Expert to drive our Ecommerce Email efforts. You will guide our audience’s journey and buying experience by knowing them and sending the right communication and solution at the right time.

We’re a close-knit team of 21 who are doing big things in the Ecommerce space serving +200,000 customers each year and are in the top 1% of Ecommerce brands online (revenue).

Can you build an email calendar that will drive strong performance by planning emails that find the right combination and timing of audience, offer and angle?

Know how to truly understand customers and their behavior better than they do?

Do you enjoy analyzing past performance to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t? Can you coordinate with a marketing manager, copywriter and designer to ensure campaigns go out on time and that flows are creative and efficient?

Looking for a stable role to grow, master your craft and have real impact?

If so, then this is for you.

To be successful in this role you’ll work as a key member in our marketing team to drive email campaigns and flows that engage customers and help maximize our CLV.

We are growing and scaling across different products, channels and geos with our brands and have more work to do.


You’re Perfect If You Have/Are…

– Passionate about maximizing CLV through custom email campaigns and flows that understand our audience and their buying journey with our brand.

– 3-6 Years Experience with CRM marketing channels, customer journey touchpoints and CLV contribution.

– 1-3 Years Experience with Klaviyo (or similar) and SMS.

– Experience with direct response Ecommerce marketing.

– Proficient written and verbal English.

– Results oriented.

– High standard of achievement and integrity

– Experience in working in a remote setting

– Team player, able to take on feedback and implement it quickly to achieve greater results

Job Description – What We Want You To Do

  • Create, coordinate and send monthly campaign emails working with marketing manager, copywriter and designer.
  • Create, split test and optimize flows.
  • Segmentation on campaigns and flows.
  • Implement deliverability checks and best practices to land in the inbox.
  • Analyze top direct response brands for new ideas and improvements.
  • Design and manage CRM programs; and pursue your own ideas for expanding CRM marketing activities across our markets and channels
  • Run and evaluate A/B-tests to constantly improve our marketing performance
  • Be responsible for the strategic and analytical evaluation and optimization of our Customer Lifecycle Management

Job ScoreCard

This is how you’ll be measured:

– % of revenue generated from email campaigns and flows (vs baseline)

– revenue generated per list member vs previous performance

– Inboxing / list hygiene

– Open and click rate on emails

– Ability to meet commitments and deadlines

– Professional development. How well you’re leveraging new technology and techniques.


Compensation and Benefits:

  • Full-time position with monthly salary paid once or twice a month. Salary in USD and based on experience and skill.
  • Fully remote position. Work from where you can be in a state of flow and collaborate with your team on Slack, Skype and video calls.
  • Flexible working schedule.

⏰ Working Hours

This is a full time position.

You will be required to coordinate with the rest of the team for at least 4 hours per day in the EST time zone. For the rest of the schedule you can login earlier or later depending on your preference.

Working/Company Time Zone: EST time zone

What’s The Company Like?

Company Size:

20-25 employees


United States, Canada, Europe, South & South East Asia

Who You’ll Report To:

Marketing Manager

Together we:

– Serve mainly English speaking audiences in the safety & security niche.

– Deliver an inspiring discovery and buying experience with our brands.

– Partner with the right people to supercharge each other’s objectives, growth and fulfillment.

“Our Values”

❤️ We…

– Continually improve. We are committed to learn from past results and continuously improve.

– Vision & Leadership. We use company wide Objectives and Key Results to share where we are going so you can help us get there.

– Fun & Friendly. We have a fast-paced, fun and friendly environment.

– Integrity. Acting with strong ethics.

– Communication. Everyone understands that communication is top priority and nobody is afraid to ask questions or speak up.

– Honesty. Acting in a transparent, trustworthy manner.

– Accountability. Accepting responsibility for your actions (and inactions) to build trust.

– Promise to Customers. Staying true to the words we speak and the bonds we make.

– Teamwork. Creating something greater than ourselves as individuals.

– Quality. Maintaining the highest standards.

Our Interview Process

1. Click Apply

2. Submit a video like the one we provide where you:

  1. Tell us about yourself
  2. Why this opportunity was meant for you
  3. Show us your best work

3. If selected, you’ll be notified for a 1-on-1 video interview


Let’s be honest. You’re more than interested in this job if you’ve made it this far. So, one last thing you should know before you apply. What we’re actually looking for is just great skilled people who know how to be human when working in a team.

So if you’re a genuinely great person, considerate towards others, flexible, ready to grow and if your skills are a match, we’d love to get to know you better. Apply right now!