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The main purpose of the Copywriter is to work on copy-related tasks for your assigned clients and stores as part of the Service Department, with the responsibility to create quality, effective, well-written, error-free, and impactful email marketing campaigns that convert and drive sales for our clients.

As our Copywriter, this will include writing the copy for a variety of clients’ marketing campaigns in a way that reflects their message, brand, and tone of voice, while also coming up with innovative and catchy copy ideas for clients’ marketing campaigns, and ensuring that your copywriting work is of the highest standard and delivered on time. This includes working on copy tasks such as email banners, SMS/MMS graphics, and a variety of marketing flows and campaigns.

Mission statement:

The primary mission of our Copywriter is to maintain the high copy standards of our company by playing an active role in the copy creation and editing process across our range of clients and for our internal marketing material.

About Us

Hustler Marketing is a world-class email marketing agency. We customize plans of attack for each of our clients to help them double or even triple their email revenue.

HM is made up of 100+ people from around the world. We work remotely, yet we’re most proud of our ability to crush it as a cohesive team. We’re team-minded, and strive to create a culture where each person is encouraged to do their best.

As for clients, our list is incredibly diverse, with stores ranging from 300K-20M/year in revenue in nearly every niche you can think of.

We know that becoming the best agency begins with having the best team members—which is why we might just be looking for you!


  • Creating high-quality, on-brand copy for your assigned clients’ email campaigns and flows, as well as SMS/MMS campaigns and flows using various professional writing tools (including the Google Workspace Suite, Grammarly, and other writing tools), when and as directed by Account Managers
  • Creating and developing marketing-oriented and effective copy decks that are focused on conversions
  • Assisting with various copywriting tasks as part of the Copy Team
  • Understanding the written brand identity of various clients and being able to advise your Account Managers on potential copy ideas, improvements, and optimizations
  • Understanding and communicating copy ideas (in writing and verbally) to other team members and (potentially) clients, when required to do so
  • Receiving and implementing feedback and copy changes to projects you’ve worked on
  • Being part of a team of both expert and less experienced copywriters and being able to work as a group if needed, and being able to stick to deadlines and deliver high-quality finished copy decks on time
  • Being open to learning how to effectively and productively use new tools, while maintaining a great ability to effectively use all aspects of Google Docs, Asana, Hubstaff and using copywriting tools to improve your own copy
  • Writing the copy for our company’s marketing efforts, when needed (including SMSs, MMSs, emails, flows, blog posts, social media content, and email marketing assets)
  • Constantly educating yourself and developing your writing and editing skills to enhance your expertise
  • Working on various tasks, initiatives, and projects as delegated by our Head of Copy
  • Continuously working to improve the results from email marketing for your assigned clients using your copy skills
  • Working with the Service Department to maintain high copy standards and ensuring that the set targets for your assigned clients are met in terms of their copy requirements
  • Participating in the training and skill-building sessions for the Copy Team within the Service Department to improve their skills, performance, and overall expertise
  • Participating in the Copy Team’s group calls
  • Continuously working to discover industry-wide best practices and standards and present your findings to the Copy Lead, the Head of Copy, and the Service Director
  • Being available to assist with all internal copy-related needs from other departments
  • Directly reporting to the Head of Copy and the Service Director (in that structural order)


  • At least 12 months of experience working as a Copywriter in a professional role or similar experience in a copywriting role at another agency (Preference will be given to candidates who have worked with remote teams and team members from different countries or have agency experience)
  • Experience using Klaviyo or having any agency experience is considered a plus
  • Having an established copywriting portfolio showcasing elevated, effective, and on-brand copy written for a variety of clients, stores, and niches
  • Must possess the ability to create copy for a variety of clients, regardless of their brand and niche
  • Strong writing and communication skills to be able to create and deliver quality marketing content
  • Have the ability to take action and work fast to implement changes and solve copy-related problems
  • Must possess strong communication, presentation, organizational, time management, and interpersonal skills to effectively deliver work of high quality promptly
  • Should be able to perform both repetitive and miscellaneous tasks while maintaining a high level of accuracy in your work
  • Must be highly accountable, responsive, and have an excellent ability to meet deadlines
  • Great aptitude for working with people, problem-solving, and thinking critically / analytically
  • Possesses a growth and results-driven mindset, and can handle and implement constructive criticism
  • Any remote work experience is a major advantage
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to clearly and effectively communicate with clients as well as marketing professionals in our Service Department
  • Familiarity with working autonomously and managing your time (remote work experience is a plus)
  • Must be available and responsive during office hours (Mondays to Fridays between 3-6 PM BCN time)
  • Must consistently work 25-30 hours per week (i.e, 120 hours per month)
  • Must have a stable internet connection and a laptop or PC, as well as be able to attend virtual video conferences
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (you must be fluent in English, although English doesn’t have to be your native language)
  • Being open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism and improving on it, as well as giving feedback of similar nature productively to your team


  • Paid holidays
  • Up to 42 working days without office hours commitment and calls
  • Team meetup bonus
  • Quarterly and Annual Bonus
  • Yearly salary raises
  • Company therapist
  • Anniversary gifts

How to Apply

#1 Apply for the job with your profile

#2 Fill out the application form containing all the necessary info for us to process your application.

#3 After you complete the form successfully we will be in touch for a quick skill assessment and interview.


Olin Scharm

Head of HR at Hustler Marketing