Consultant with the Holt Group: Washington D.C. Intellectual Property Team

With substantial accomplishments in your first 5+ years as a professional, where does your path lead next? Perhaps now is the time to enter a role where your personal identity and your professional role are perfectly aligned in synergy. Your acumen is evident – you’ve honed in on your work preferences, the balance of responsibilities that suit you best, and the work environment that resonates with you. We invite you to consider joining us as a Consultant with the Holt Group: Washington D.C. Intellectual Property Team.

Our mission at the Holt Group is precision, and our strength lies in our meticulous attention to detail. Your journey starts with a comprehensive onboarding, integrating your industry knowledge with our methods for generating quantitative analyses (Excel), presentations, and reports. As a Consultant and team leader, your role will involve overseeing cases and steering analysts in producing key deliverables. You’ll exemplify our team’s internal communication standards by offering constructive input and strategic guidance to analysts, while ensuring senior management is kept in the loop regarding work progress and potential adaptations to our strategies and policies.

Efficiency meets collaboration in our carefully crafted approach to litigation consulting. You’ll shine as an individual and thrive as part of a dedicated team, all in service to our valued clients. Our diligent investment in streamlined procedures ensures that when you clock out, the majority of your evenings and weekends are yours to enjoy your unique passions.

Enjoy our dual work environment: remote and downtown D.C. office. Switch between the comfort of home and our vibrant Metro-adjacent city office. This management and mentoring role is designed to offer a hybrid experience, allowing meaningful interaction with our local analyst team. As a seasoned professional, you have the option to explore fully remote work arrangements that complement your expertise and aspirations. Let’s engage in a dialogue to determine the optimal fit for you.

Long-term isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our way of life. With our longstanding clients representing over 180+ diverse industries and our work spanning patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, antitrust, class action, breach of contract, and more, your intellectual curiosity will be nourished daily. Our team flourishes through advancement opportunities and tailored professional development, backed by unwavering support. It’s all anchored in integrity, teamwork, and open communication – our all-for-one approach.

Our Managing Director, Krista Holt, is an influential expert. She’s the go-to expert for patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and more. Her journey isn’t a mere résumé; it’s a saga of innovation, dedication, and unyielding pursuit of excellence. Ms. Holt helps to set industry standards. Dive into Krista Holt’s realm through the links below to learn more. (Our Client Sioux Steel)


  • BS in Commerce, Business, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Economics, (Master’s degree or CPA preferred)
  • 5+ years relevant work experience (litigation consulting required for Consultant role)
  • Commitment to integrity, excellence, leadership, and teamwork


Intrigued? Econ One is renowned for offering a competitive salary and unbeatable benefits, including healthcare, dental, and 100% employer-paid life and disability insurance. Our team mirrors Econ One’s unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, integrity, and value – in the work we deliver to clients and the experience we provide our team.