Chief of Staff to the CEO (Philippines only)

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We are seeking a senior executive, with extensive operational experience who is ready to move into a hands-on role. You’ll work closely the CEO of Woolf and build out the CEO office in order to create a small project management team, which will be the nerve center for all activities across Woolf.

Woolf is the first global collegiate university to allow other education organizations to sponsor the creation of member colleges. Today we partner with many of the fastest-growing education organizations in the world, representing >$750m in annual enrollments. Our colleges offer degrees from bachelor’s to doctorates, ranging from computer science to synthetic biology, business, and philosophy. You’ll be at the center of the central administration, in a small group of high IQ, low ego operators working with highly technical software and regulatory requirements. You must be high throughput, high communication, and highly precise. You will have access to a range of privileged legal, commercial, and financial information.

Our Team

We are a globally distributed, fully remote team. Our team is mission-aligned, high IQ/low ego, and outcome-driven. We encourage everyone in the team to play an active role in building the company. Our investor group includes First Round Capital (who also led the investment for Notion, Roblox, Uber, and Square), Connect Ventures, IOVC, All Access Fund, and Tribe Capital ($1.6bn AUM).


  1. 10+ years of operational leadership or elite management consulting with significant, extensive executive responsibilities
  2. Readiness to get back into a smaller operating environment where you will do hands-on work
  3. You will work closely with the CEO, who is based in Silicon Valley, you’ll work PST hours – occasionally long hours, occasionally a brief weekend touchpoint, e.g., Sunday night PST
  4. You understand that as a long-term Chief of Staff, you will both have an attitude of service and adopt some COO functions as you build out an operations team within the CEO office and beyond
  5. We expect you to be highly proactive, translating ideas into actions with high horsepower, high energy, high precision, while providing frequent concise communication.
  6. The CEO values precision and attention to detail combined with high throughput.
  7. The CEO currently has an EA (based in the Philippines, working PST) – you’ll hire out a 1-3 more operators to start the CEO office in order to extend the daily CEO functions and additionally to execute against key initiatives (e.g., involving creation of new subsidiary for payments processing)
  8. The CEO frequently interacts with other CEO’s, venture capitalists, and government officials in various countries or by Zoom. You may be present in many of these calls, translating complex discussions into actionable plans.
  9. Read the company cultural values

The ideal candidate will be highly organized, detail-oriented, and ready to be in a role requiring high levels of trust and confidentiality. You must be both a self-starter with an entrepreneurial flair and a team player that is willing to roll up your sleeves, believing that “no task is too big or too small.” The role requires flexibility and resourcefulness, as well as excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  1. This is an exciting and challenging role! You’ll be in a high excellence environment working with smart, thoughtful, capable executives and employees engaged in complex problems
  2. Mission-driven environment: we are creating a global impact and you will participate in that mission. O
  3. Flexible PTO
  4. WFH set up