Chief Innovation Officer (Wollongong based)

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We are seeking a visionary Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) based in Wollongong, Australia to lead our innovation team and drive our company’s innovation strategy. As the CIO, you will be responsible for fostering a culture of innovation, identifying new opportunities for growth, and promoting the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

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  • Develop and execute the company’s innovation strategy.
  • Lead ideation and innovation initiatives across the organization.
  • Identify emerging technologies and trends to drive innovation.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and implement innovative solutions.
  • Create an environment that encourages experimentation and fosters a culture of innovation.
  • Manage and mentor the innovation team to drive creativity and deliver impactful results.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Business, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Proven experience as a Chief Innovation Officer or similar leadership role.
  • Demonstrated success in driving innovation and facilitating transformative change.
  • Strong understanding of emerging technologies and market trends.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to think strategically and foster creativity within the organization.
  • Experience in managing and mentoring innovation teams.
  • Track record of successfully implementing innovative solutions to drive business growth and enhance customer experience.


  • Remote Work
  • Permanent Position
  • 30-Day Paid Leave
  • 5-Day Work Week
  • A competitive salary, reflective of your experience
  • Health insurance coverage