Category Manager

We are an online e-commerce of cosmetics, working with this industry for 10+ years, having a team of 50+ people worldwide. We do not produce our own products and we do not do marketing. Our business is that of Research, Programming, Data mining, Supply Chain Management, and understanding margins and returns. We thrive when our processes are followed to the letter and the work from everyone on the team is synchronized to produce lower costs, better purchasing decisions, and fast delivery of products.

Our company has grown 3 times in the last year, yes, we are 9X bigger than we were 2 years ago. We are different from most E-commerce companies, we do worldwide distribution of products mainly focused on marketplaces. We sell mostly on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and are looking to expand globally.

Our team has grown to 50+ people strong in 9 countries across the world from Spain, Colombia and Peru to US, Turkey and Russia all working remotely at flexible hours. And we do really strive for expanding our geography. Our strength is in data analysis to find the right opportunities, and then efficient operation & logistics capabilities to sell products internationally. However, our main strength is our people, without them nothing is possible. We truly believe in the shared cultural values and in the strength of the humane approach, that’s why we never tolerate any sorts of discrimination and are happy to welcome to our team people with different backgrounds. We share the values of peace, collaboration and mutual respect.

With growth comes complexity, and we are looking for energetic and committed specialists that can help us increase operational efficiency in order to accommodate more workflow within the operation demand.

Our core values are Efficiency, Initiative, Teamwork, Life-Long Learning, and Best-Life Architect. We run a positive culture with a lot of advanced business concepts, working in a very high-efficiency environment. We are direct and clear but not rude or aggressive. Demanding but don’t work overtime or on weekends and holidays.

Now we are hiring a new Category Manager


Research Skills:

●       Conduct thorough market research to identify potential new product categories.

●       Evaluate and select products that align with the company’s overall business strategy and customer needs.

●       Calculate and analyze profitability


New Product Category Launching:

●       Develop and execute a comprehensive launch strategy for new product categories on the Amazon platform

●       Strategy execution by coordinating and cooperating with cross-functional teams to ensure a seamless launch process; keep track of various limitations and requirements as well as look for opportunities to increase product sales

●       Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the success of the launch and iterate on strategies for continuous improvement


Feasibility Studies:

●       Evaluate the feasibility of expansion opportunities through thorough analysis of market data

●       Assess potential risks and challenges associated with new markets or business ventures



●       Collaborate with the Operations team to bring new products to market.

●       Provide valuable input during strategy discussions and decision-making processes


Reporting and Documentation:

●       Prepare detailed reports and presentations summarizing research findings and recommendations

●       Maintain accurate documentation of research methodologies, tools and data sources

●       Create SOPs for the new and existing processes

Continuous Research:

●       Monitor industry news, market dynamics, and regulatory changes to stay informed about relevant developments

●       Regularly update internal stakeholders on market conditions and expansion opportunities


What we’re looking for in a candidate:

●       At least 1 year experience in market research and analysis, preferably in an expansion-focused role as a plus

●       Excel or Google Sheets experience is a must

●       Prior experience in sales and e-commerce

●       Experience in launching new products and categories

●       English Upper Intermediate (B2-C1)

●       Higher education in Business, Economics, Market Research, or similar

●       Strong analytical and critical thinking skills

●       Readiness for some routine work

●       Knowledge of market research tools and methodologies is an advantage




We offer you:

●       Flexible working hours

●       Competitive monthly salary of 1100-1700 USD net

●       Full-time permanent contract

●       Paid vacation (22 working days + 14 banking holidays)

●       Work in a young and friendly team

●       Remote work with the possibility to work from anywhere you want