Bubble.io Developer – (Full Time Remote Contract)

CrewScope is a high-growth software company working to revolutionize the construction industry by aligning company and crew goals. Our product is a frontline participation and incentive alignment solution that uses field data tracking, goal setting, and behavioral psychology to enable the construction industry to address chronic labor scarcity issues. For more: https://crewscope.com


Crewscope, a FutureSight company, is looking for an experienced no-code web developer to join our team and help us improve our software platform. This is a unique opportunity to get experience working on a mature project with high business impact and real users that love the software. We will work collaboratively to build and improve our product.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build user-facing web apps that are responsive, modular, robust, and secure
  • Optimize application user experience, including performance, responsiveness
  • Update existing web apps in Bubble with consideration to avoid breaking functionality for existing users
  • Create data migration workflows in Bubble to facilitate smooth upgrades of functionality
  • Design elegant and functional UX
  • Diagnose and fix product bugs and issues


  • 500+ hours (3 months of full time work) of experience in Bubble Development
  • Fluency in English to collaborate with other team members
  • Working experience with Canvas framework on Bubble
  • Basic front-end design skills and understanding of design patterns and best practices
  • Experience working with API and third-party libraries in Bubble
  • Capability to maintain and improve upon sites developed by others
  • Experience designing and working with data models and implementing data migrations workflows in Bubble

To Apply

Submit a resume with your application