Bilingual Operations Support Coordinator (FR-EN)

Imagine a world powered by everyone’s full potential.

Picture everyone having fair access to higher education, enabled by admission processes that allow applicants to be seen for their full potential, including lived experiences, cultural influences, values and soft skills.

In that world, higher education programs are also enabled with technology that streamlines complex operations and delivers analytics and insights that can increase student and program success.

That’s what we’re building at Acuity Insights.

Right now, we do it with our admissions assessment products (Casper & Duet), program management products (One45 & MSPE Builder), and our data integration platform (Analytics).

These products help schools discover, select, train and graduate future doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, business leaders, and other professionals who reflect the diversity of our communities and bring skills like empathy, integrity, resiliency, and professionalism into the workforce.

Acuity Insights is at a new growth stage. Our roots are planted firmly in health sciences and medical education. We are exploring and expanding into engineering education, business schools, and other professional disciplines. 

You now have a chance to be part of our scaling journey when you join as an Operations Coordinator on the Casper Operations team.

The Bilingual Operations Support Coordinator position is a full-time individual contributor role. You’ll work remotely within Canada and report to Gregory Wong (Manager, Operations – Support). 

Opportunity & Impact

As an Operations Coordinator on the Casper Operations’ Support team, you’ll help support our most widely used product, Casper.

Casper is a soft skills test used in the admissions process of hundreds of academic programs globally, including teacher’s colleges, engineering, and medical schools. Over 140,000 applicants take the test every year.

Applicants depend on your work to help them take the test, and their test results empower schools to make informed admissions decisions. That means your work will significantly influence the academic and career paths of thousands worldwide.

You’ll also provide applicant support for Duet, an assessment that matches applicants with programs that share their individual preferences, priorities and values.

In this role, your day-to-day will consist of various supporting activities and tasks, like answering applicant inquiries or assisting with requests from our Support Agents or Customer Success team. 

As Support team members move toward specialized focus areas, you will become the Casper Operations Support team’s go-to person for applicant support communications, managing our communication channels, content within the channels and our template library.

Live Test Support
As an Operations Support Coordinator, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the Casper test experience and help with the behind-the-scenes work involved in scheduling and setting up tests. That includes preparing technical support and personnel and coordinating contract support agents and proctoring teams.  

You also get to provide live test support a few times a month. This involves directly assisting applicants with questions and troubleshooting, guiding Test Support Agents and proctors on processes and effective communication, and handling escalating and complex incidents.

Communications Support

In this role, you’ll manage the online help center for applicants, creating, optimizing, and updating technical and non-technical content in English and French. You’ll refine articles addressing common applicant questions, covering essential topics such as test reservation, accommodations, scoring, and how to troubleshoot technical issues.

You’ll also utilize your analytical skills to identify high-traffic areas, prioritize content enhancements, and improve the overall usability of the help center. Your work will transform it into a comprehensive resource, reducing the need for live support.

Our chatbot frequently serves as the starting point for applicants and others to request support. As the point person for our chatbot technology, you’ll manage its operations and analyze performance data to optimize conversation paths. 

Your role will also enable efficient support communications. You’ll maintain a library of communications templates that provide our Support team and Test Agents with ready-to-use content at their fingertips, enabling quick responses to applicants before, during, and after live tests.

Webinar Support 

As a bilingual member of our Support team, you’ll engage in several applicant-focused webinars each year in French & English, collaborating with peers and cross-functional partners, including Customer Success. These sessions provide a platform to educate and train hundreds of applicants and program advisors simultaneously.

During webinars, you’ll help present prepared content and utilize your product and process knowledge to address common questions live, such as “What is Casper?” and offer valuable insights to help applicants prepare for the test.

Operational Support

Joining us now, at the start of a new growth phase, is a chance to directly impact how our test support infrastructure and processes evolve and are optimized to support a higher volume of applicants.

Leveraging your drive to challenge the status quo and interest in continuous improvement, you will seek and identify opportunities to streamline and automate our support operations, explore and experiment with solutions, and lead your initiatives to implement new tools, processes, and policies.

As a contributor on the Support team, you’ll represent the voice of the applicants and gather and share their feedback, insights, and concerns with our teams. You’ll also anticipate and communicate the impact of product and process changes on applicants and advocate for their needs to drive improvements in the Casper test experience.

As a valued colleague on the Casper Operations team, you’ll contribute to optimizing operational processes like test operations, accommodations and payment processing, program and applicant communication, security, and proctoring.

Measurements of Success

Your success at Acuity Insights is measured by two key metrics: Applicant Satisfaction Score, which you share with other Casper Operations team members and the number of Live Support Requests. 

You’ll know you are meeting performance expectations in your role when:

  • There is a reduction and consistently low volume of live support requests.
  • The Casper Operations Support team maintains an Applicant Satisfaction Score of >6/7.
  • Live tests you support are consistently completed incident-free.
  • Your contributions to streamlining and automating support operations help increase the team’s overall capacity to spend time on other high-value, high-impact strategic initiatives for the business.
  • Peers, collaborators, and leaders you support and collaborate with across other functions, like Customer Success, feel and recognize the impact of your work.

To thrive in the role, you:

  • Write and speak French & English at a high level of proficiency
  • Are a teacher at heart, skilled at conveying and explaining. You bring at least one professional experience in a role where you’ve had the opportunity to train colleagues, customers, or users or explain how a product or process works.
  • Have an interest in writing, and have developed technical and non-technical content for audiences of different reading levels, for example, training manuals or articles for a knowledge base or help centre. 
  • Like using data and insights in your work, leveraging them to track and measure performance, and to form opinions and make decisions.
  • Have experience coordinating and managing multiple small to mid-size projects and initiatives at different stages concurrently, for example, initiatives to improve how you and others work where you’ve discovered gaps and needs, identified potential changes or solutions, recommended a path forward, implemented the agreed-upon path, and supported others as they adapted to the change you’ve implemented. 
  • Have a calming presence and the ability to prioritize and articulate a plan in high-pressure situations when others look to you for guidance.
  • Are an operator at heart. You tend towards the path of least resistance and optimize for efficiency without compromising quality. 
  • Have loosely held but strong opinions, remaining receptive to alternative viewpoints and prioritizing the best solution, no matter the source. 
  • Are growth-oriented with a learner’s mindset. You welcome radically candid and constructive feedback that can help you develop professionally and as a human, and you enjoy picking up and learning new technology and applications. 
  • Open to covering odd hours (evening and weekend test), and don’t mind working on a weekend with time in lieu if it means you get to support applicants in completing the Casper test. 

To thrive at Acuity Insights, you are

  • Caring toward people. You take the time to listen and understand, encourage, and provide helpful feedback that can foster growth in others.
  • Curious by nature. You are open-minded, like asking questions, exploring, experimenting, and learning new things.
  • Driven to learn and problem-solve, both independently and with collaborators. You are solutions-oriented and continuously seek to improve your skills, methods, and practices, and support others. 
  • Adaptable and drawn to startup-like environments where you can help build, innovate, and initiate and own projects that drive positive change.
  • Autonomous and resourceful, you are at your best when you handle your work and time independently and proactively seek support when you get stuck or need feedback.
  • Self-aware, with an understanding of your strengths and where you have growth opportunities.
  • Motivated by purposeful work that resonates with your values and interests serves the greater good.

Selection Process

To ensure an equitable and inclusive process, all candidates will receive equal consideration for an interview, whether applying, introduced as a referral or contacting the manager or recruiter directly.

We look at every resume.

Your application is evaluated based on your professional experiences, how you’ve applied your knowledge and skills to make an impact, and the personal qualities you demonstrate.

You must reside in Canada and be eligible to work there to be considered for an interview. 

Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to be a two-way discovery and create space for meaningful conversations.

We want to learn who you are as a human & professional, understand your experiences, assess your skills, and ensure alignment with our mission, values and business needs.

We encourage you to be curious and ask insightful questions throughout our conversations.

Here are the steps you can expect:

Our interview process is designed to be a two-way discovery and create space for meaningful conversations.

We want to learn who you are as a human & professional, understand your experiences, assess your skills, and ensure alignment with our mission, values and business needs.

We encourage you to be curious and ask insightful questions throughout our conversations.

Here are the steps you can expect:

  • Review & Selection. A human, not an AI, reviews your resume and assesses your experience and application responses against our hiring criteria.
  • Intro Conversation with Recruiter. If selected, you’ll have a 30-60 minute phone call to share your background and professional interests and learn more about the company, team, role and compensation.
  • Communication Proficiency Assessment. On your own time, spend up to 20 minutes on a shortened version of our situational judgment test, Casper, to help us assess your communication approach and English language proficiency.   
  • Meet The Manager. Have a 45-minute video call with your potential future manager to discuss relevant experiences and learn more about the function, team and day-to-day.
  • Meet The Team. Connect with 3 future peers and collaborators in 1-on-1 video conversations, each 30 minutes long, and learn more about the team, role, and life at Acuity Insights.
  • Wait For a Decision. The Hiring Manager consolidates and evaluates feedback from the team to make a hiring decision within 2-4 days.
  • Receive an Offer / Reference Check. If you’re a good fit for the role, team, and company, we’ll invite you to an offer conversation. The offer is contingent upon the completion of a reference check.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Work remotely. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere within Canada.
  • Fair pay. Get paid fairly for your work with a salary aligned to your role, skill level, and job responsibilities, informed by internal pay equity and market data.   
  • Investment in your growth. Access a $3,000 yearly budget for professional and personal development.
  • Flexible paid time off. Enjoy two weeks of disconnected vacation at year-end, self-directed vacation time, extra Fridays off throughout the year, and support for medical, family, or mental health needs without financial worry.
  • Company equity. Become a partial owner of Acuity Insights when you join, sharing in long-term value creation and financial success through our employee stock option plan.
  • Save for retirement. Join our GRSP matching program through Wealthsimple. We match contributions up to 2% of your salary. 
  • Support for health & wellness. Access comprehensive health benefits for yourself and your dependents through Equitable Life of Canada and personalized holistic wellness support through a Cyno membership. 

Growing your family. Take parental leave, regardless of your role in expanding your family, and receive a top-up for 16 weeks beyond EI benefits.

About Us

Acuity Insights is a Canadian company founded in 2014.

Our first product (Casper) was invented by Dr. Kelly Dore and Oncology Professor Harold Reiter to improve the admissions process at McMaster University’s School of Medicine in Ontario. They recognized that traditional entrance exams and cover letters were biased and lacked insight into applicants’ emotional intelligence and professionalism and built a test to assess those skills.

We acquired One45, a medical education software company, in 2021. The acquisition expanded our product line with two new products (One45 & Analytics) and doubled the size of our team.

Behind Acuity Insights today, you’ll find a team of 130+ caring, curious, and driven individuals collaborating remotely across Canada and some international locations.

It’s a team that actively fosters a culture and builds an environment where everyone feels included, respected, valued, and well-supported and has the energy to bring their full potential to work.

The presence and representation of a wide range of identities, backgrounds, and perspectives on our team is a strength. Our diversity fuels our ability to innovate, helps us build and evolve our market-leading products, contributes to a healthier work environment, and enables us to build a sustainable and capable organization to deliver the business outcomes we want.

We encourage individuals from non-traditional backgrounds or historically marginalized and underrepresented groups to explore and apply to our open roles.

Thanks for your interest in Acuity Insights as your potential new workplace!