B2B Content Writer for a London-based Agency (Remote)

We are looking for a B2B Content Writer to join our fun-loving remote team of 30+ people from across 7 countries.

Learn the SEO skills we use to outrank the biggest sites on the internet – while working remotely and having a great time.

This job post is open to candidates from South Africa only.
You can work 100% remotely from anywhere in South Africa.

Who are we?
Startup Voyager is a London-based SEO, Content and CRO agency working with exciting startups in the US and Europe. Some of our clients are backed by some of the best-known investors in the world.

Boris Johnson (former UK Prime Minister) mentioned us in a UK Govt. press announcement in 2022 about the UK-India trade deal (we are one of the investors).

We are incorporated in the UK & India.

We drive up to 30x annual traffic growth for our clients and frequently outrank top sites on Google, including Amazon, Forbes, Capterra, Microsoft, Cosmopolitan, Bloomberg, etc.

Our work has appeared in Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Huffpost, and Lifehacker (US Editions).

A few cool accomplishments include:

  • Taking a fintech startup from 0-100,000 organic visitors/month in 10.5 months.
  • Driving millions in revenue for a unicorn startup
  • Ranking consistently for KD 50+ keywords with zero backlink acquisition
  • Figuring out the perfect champagne cocktail recipe!

Want to know more about the above? Check out our website for our client testimonials.

(Sadly, we don’t have any testimonials for the cocktail yet!)

What do you get when you join Startup Voyager?

Check out our employee testimonial video to get a peek into the fabulous life at Voyager!

Scope of Work:

Ghostwriting articles for our clients’ blogs in the B2B space. Most articles will be above 1500 words.

Secondary Scope:

  • You will also need to do SEO research and other content marketing activities. But no prior SEO experience is required (we will train you)
  • If you perform well, you will have the option to be trained for a supervisory/editorial role within 3-6 months
  • This position is open for full-time applicants only


Required Experience:

  • Minimum 6 months of content writing experience (mandatory)
  • You should have written at least 10 blog posts in your entire career
  • Writing for social media, website and landing page copy, etc., does NOT count
  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • No experience in SEO is required

Essential Skills:

  1. Advanced-level proficiency in written English
  2. Strong research skills
  3. Ability to learn new topics quickly
  4. Basic expertise in Google Docs

Additional Skills (optional)

  • Brownie points if you have experience in SEO and other areas of marketing
  • Even more brownie points if you have experience in writing on technical topics like SaaS, finance, marketing and other technical areas

Soft Skills

The standards here are the highest in the world. Therefore, even highly experienced writers find it rather challenging. That’s why you should have the following soft skills:

  1. Ability to take negative feedback and learn from it
  2. Ability to work independently and responsibly from a remote location
  3. A strong desire to learn and grow

Finally, we want folks who are enthusiastic and believe that they can truly accomplish amazing things!

Hardware Requirements:

You should have your own laptop/desktop and a good internet connection.


As part of your evaluation for the role all candidates will be given a paid writing assessment.

(You can’t use AI to write these articles.)


  1. 100% remote
  2. Learn SEO and growth strategies that help us outrank Amazon, G2, Forbes, Cosmopolitan & top-tier sites
  3. Grow into a supervisory role within 3-6 months if you perform well
  4. Work with a fun and highly motivated global team
  5. Ditch the daily commute and get the flexibility of a remote job
  6. Exceptional performers will be given opportunities to move to the UK

Salary Range:

GBP 5800 – GBP 16800

Salaries above GBP 9800 would only be offered to candidates with experience writing on SaaS, finance, marketing or other technical topics.