Alternative Venture Building Internship Program – Taiwan

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At Reapra, we are pioneering a very different way of building ventures. We believe in taking our time with potential founders in developing their vision of solving long-term systemic problems and see their startups today as being the first step to creating a future industry for the betterment of future generations. The people come and their commitments to these problems come first and their short-term ideas are just icing on the cake. Because of this approach, the way we source potential founders – initially through deep self-discovery – and operate internally is unlike most companies or VC firms.

We encourage you to apply to Reapra’s very unique internship program if you are: (1) curious about participating in a fun and engaging self-discovery process to give some direction in your career path, (2) enthusiastic about the startup space, and (3) interested in co-creating completely new systems of sourcing and founder development.

This position might not be for you if you are prioritizing an internship opportunity that teaches technical skills or responsibilities in standard recruitment, VC deal sourcing, marketing or PR, or other corporate or VC responsibilities. We are creating something completely new in every process and project we start!

Your internship will start off with a 2-week workshop called Foundation Design where you will use a model of self-understanding as a personal blueprint to enhance your learning and work throughout the project tasks and think about your own career options in the future. After completion of Foundation Design, you will dive right into a very dynamic, fast-changing set of project-related tasks while building new types of Venture communities along the way.

Your role will look to challenge the norms of founder sourcing and employee recruitment. We’re talking about creative approaches that go beyond the usual platforms for investment sourcing and HR recruitment. As an intern, you’ll collaborate on crafting new marketing, PR, and community building methods to connect with potential founders and employees. Think unstructured social engagement, pioneering events, and new communication channels. Your contributions might also extend to content and marketing activities that gradually educate the market on our novel venture building approach and ultimately help responding candidates progress to being considered by our Investment Committee. Ultimately, you will be one of the first builders of a new ecosystem of founders who look to solve long-term problems. Unlike traditional companies or other VC firms, this role will not be confined to standard HR recruiting techniques or investment analysis.

Join us to embark on a journey where you will help us redefine the art of sourcing and venture creation!


  • Self-Understanding: Being in touch with how and why you operate in decision-making and actions is important. Self-awareness can contribute to greater learning and personal and team growth.
  • Open to Creating Something New: Embrace the opportunity to be part of creating something novel and impactful versus just improving on market-relevant technical skills.
  • Exploration and Learning: We value candidates with diverse interests and a desire for continuous exploration of various perspectives and domains, new ways of learning and ultimately, brave innovation.
  • Passion for Startups and Entrepreneurship: We’re seeking individuals who exude enthusiasm for the startup landscape. Your excitement will drive our innovative efforts in venture building.
  • Effective Communication: Effective and confident communication is essential. This includes a very high level of empathy and listening especially when managing very personal information alongside business considerations..
  • Independence: The ability to work independently is crucial. You should be self-driven and capable of taking initiative.
  • Adaptability: Be comfortable without set tasks and willing to contribute across various functions, from ‘sourcing’ to marketing to admin tasks.
  • No Experience Required: No minimal experience needed in these fields. Beginners are very welcome. While this is not strictly an “HR” role, a background in coaching, marketing, business psychology or PR could provide an added perspective but is not necessary.


  • Co-develop, execute and update new systems to increase quality of founder sourcing in and around Taiwan, and possibly other markets
  • Organize events and meetings involving potential candidates in and around Taiwan
  • Own and execute tasks to supplement new systems
  • Start and run your own communities with Reapra frameworks to increase awareness and generate interest in its approach to venture building.
  • Co-develop or support PR, marketing, and other market outreach activities
  • Coordinate and co-create with the main team in Singapore as well as other stakeholders in the Reapra group.

Legal Disclaimer:

By submitting an application to Reapra, I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal data by Reapra and its affiliates, service providers and agents for the purpose of processing my application. This includes, but is not limited to, contacting me, evaluating my suitability, and conducting background checks regarding my application. I further confirm that I have obtained the prior consent of the relevant third parties for the use and disclosure of their personal data for the purposes of my application with Reapra.

I acknowledge that in the course of Reapra handling the personal data, relevant personal data may be transferred outside of Singapore. I further acknowledge that in the event my application is unsuccessful and unless I inform Reapra otherwise, Reapra may retain my personal data for consideration for future opportunities with Reapra.

I declare that the particulars in this application are true in every aspect.


Format: Full-time (willing to discuss part-time opportunities)

Start Date: Immediately

Duration: 4-6 weeks (with chance for extension, longer or more permanent opportunities)

Salary: Rate of 176 NTD/hour subject to change depending on arrangement

Primarily remote work with some in-person scope