AI Engineer

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Job Summary

As an AI Engineer at CrewAI, you will be at the forefront of developing and deploying cutting-edge AI solutions that leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI agents. Your work will involve a mix of developing open-source models, managing docker and infrastructure, and contributing to our core projects with a focus on execution and innovation. You will operate with a founder mentality, taking ownership of your projects with minimal guidance, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AI


  • Develop, test, and deploy AI models, including LLMs and AI agents, using Python.
  • Contribute to and leverage open-source AI models, enhancing the crewAI framework.
  • Manage Docker containers and underlying infrastructure to ensure efficient runtime environments.
  • Work autonomously on projects, driving them from conception to deployment with a focus on execution and innovation.
  • Collaborate with a remote team, contributing to a culture of excellence and shared learning.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and emerging technologies, continuously improving our processes and outputs.


  • Strong proficiency in Python, with an understanding of AI development practices.
  • Experience with LLMs, AI agents, and multimodal & agentic AI.
  • Knowledge of open-source AI models and contributions to such projects.
  • Proficiency in Docker and infrastructure management.
  • Demonstrated ability to work remotely and manage projects with minimal supervision.
  • Founder mentality: entrepreneurial spirit, taking ownership, and driving projects to completion.
  • Innovative thinker, with a commitment to ethical AI development and a passion for making AI accessible.


  • Fully remote work setup, empowering you to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited time off to ensure work-life balance and foster creativity.
  • A dynamic and inclusive work culture that values diversity, innovation, and ethical AI.
  • Offer will include stock options