AI Consultant BU

Hello, AI Consultants!

My name is Nate Ginsburg and I am a serial entrepreneur. I’m the founder of SellerPlex, host of the Ecom Exits Podcast, and partner in a handful of other online businesses.

About the company:

SellerPlex is growing fast and we are in need of awesome people to help us give value to our clients and build awesome professional relationships with them.

Our mission is to help empower e-commerce/FBA entrepreneurs to run better businesses by supporting them with Supply Chain, Finance, and Operations services. We’re a huge believer in the importance of being a culture fit for long-term success.

About the role:

As an AI consultant, you will lead businesses in implementing cutting-edge automation solutions powered by AI. You will identify automation opportunities, design customized AI solutions, and oversee their seamless integration within diverse business environments.

Leveraging your expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation, you will collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and develop strategic recommendations to enhance operational efficiency and drive growth.

This is a Project based (or part-time) remote position.


  • Identify Automation Opportunities: Recognize areas within client businesses where AI-driven automation can enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Design Tailored AI Solutions: Develop customized AI solutions to address specific business needs and objectives, leveraging machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation technologies.
  • Lead Implementation Projects: Oversee the end-to-end implementation of AI solutions, including project planning, resource allocation, and coordination with cross-functional teams.
  • Client Consultation and Engagement: Engage with clients to understand their unique challenges, articulate the benefits of AI-driven automation, and provide strategic guidance on leveraging AI technologies effectively.
  • Measure and Optimize Performance: Monitor the performance of implemented AI solutions, analyze key metrics, and iterate on strategies to continuously improve outcomes and ROI.


  • Strong Technical Background: Proficiency in machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation, with hands-on experience in developing and deploying AI solutions.
  • Consultancy and Client Management Skills: Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage with clients, understand their requirements, and deliver compelling solutions.
  • Business Acumen: Deep understanding of business processes across various industries, with the ability to identify automation opportunities that align with organizational goals and priorities.
  • Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: Strong analytical skills, with the ability to analyze data, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights to optimize AI solutions and drive business outcomes.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Proactive approach to staying updated with the latest developments in AI technologies and industry trends, with a willingness to innovate and adapt strategies based on changing business needs.



  • Working completely remote
  • Location independence
  • Great opportunity to grow
  • You’ll be joining a high-level and fast-paced team, working with exciting businesses and projects

If this sounds interesting to you please proceed with your application.

Kindly be advised that the recruitment process is being managed by Premier Media. For any further details or inquiries, please reach out to the Premier Media recruitment team, as they oversee all our hiring procedures.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!