Accounts Receivable Manager (Book Keeper)

Deepfinity is leading the wave in next-generation logistics and parcel management software.

We’ve rapidly grown from a bootstrapped start-up into a well-funded company and have to date logged over 2 Million parcels a year through our flagship product Parcel Tracker (

Deepfinity goal is to become a leader in everything parcels, be it for businesses or consumers. Every parcel ordered should be tracked and logged through our systems!

Get to know us better:

Role: Full Time

Location: Fully remote (Cover US/EU Timezone)

Starting: Start of Jan

Salary: $800-1200/month

ℹ️ Context:

Deepfinity is a small company of fewer than 10 people. We’ve seen a recent explosion in sales, and the operations team needs help managing client contracts and invoices.

You’ll have the chance to shape how the accounts receivable process works and grow with the company to improve operations and automate as much as possible.

Your Mission:

You’ll be tasked with overviewing the most important part of the business: “cashflow”. Without cash flow, the business has no pulse, no one gets paid, and we cannot continue to service our clients.

It will be your duty to keep track of our client database, issue them invoices in a timely manner and cash on unpaid invoices.

  • Enter client data into our database
  • Keep track of when invoices need to be issued
  • Issue Invoices
  • Reconcile Invoices
  • Cash on unpaid invoices

After spending some time in the role, we’d like you to help us improve the processes, make them more efficient and your job simpler.


A Little About You:

  • 3+ Years experience as an accountant or in accounts receivable management
  • Strong understanding of maths
  • You are extremely organised and detail-oriented
  • You never forget anything
  • You’re extremely reliable and trustworthy
  • Exceptional communication skills, both on the phone and in writing. You NEED to be a native English speaker


  • Work anywhere in the world; we ask you to cover the correct timezone, have good internet and have fun!
  • Continuous training and development to accelerate your career progression
  • 25 days’ holiday allowance plus all the usual public holidays

How to apply:

  1. Apply to the role through our platform
  2. Make sure when uploading your resume to highlight your name in Green