Accounting Operations Specialist

HeadQuarters is a global company, operating remotely, which provides services from finance and accounting, logistics and support, to sales operations administration within the US market. Together, our team creates and refines processes by having access to various tools, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, QuickBooks, Front, Metrc and Mineral Tree. Our departments are supported by a dedicated HR team and Learning and Development Consultant, and with their guidance and their Team Leaders’ feedback, our people ascend a career path full of compelling opportunities.

We are currently only considering applicants from Mexico for this role. The working hours for this role are 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Standard Time.

This role is 100% remote.

You will be working in a new and growing team within the financial department. This role is ideal for someone who enjoys tracking down discrepancies and helping the company by building a strong relationship with their clients by investigating various brand requests. If you would like to gain insight into how accounts receivable and cash application process blocks are assembled and would like to build your career in finance and accounting – this is an ideal role for you.

Your duties will be to:

  • Review any deductions or short paid invoices, identify the root cause, and collaborate with the internal department(s) to expedite dispute resolution
  • Sync with brand partners and retailer partners and identify ways to better align the company’s processes with the brand and retailer processes
  • Assist the cash applications department with resolving payment application discrepancies (ensure the adjustments are completed in a timely fashion)
  • Meet or exceed targeted collections metrics, reduce past dues, bad debt reserve exposure, and other quantitative targets
  • In partnership with our tax team, obtain a general understanding of the tax implications of order adjustments and ensure order adjustments are in line with the proper tax treatment
  • Maintain recordkeeping of all disputes and deduction reasons in a brand partner and partner folder for retailers
  • Identify and drive process improvement for reducing administrative costs by streamlining processes and reducing deduction volume
  • Assist with billing functions as needed
  • Reconcile and analyze customer balance differences and deductions accurately and in a timely manner Other accountabilities as assigned


  • Advanced English skills (both written and verbal)
  • Computer literacy (e.g. email and virtual call communication, online searching, working with databases, proficiency with Microsoft Office / Google Suite, keyboard shortcuts)
  • High organizational and time management skills due to predetermined deadlines for each task or project
  • Solid communication skills (understanding whom to reach out to for various situations, responsiveness, negotiation, providing and receiving feedback) Ability to manage ones tasks independently, due to remote work scheme
  • Strong reporting skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or other related field preferred
  • Experience in distribution space and customer support is preferred
  • Cash application and collections experience is preferred
  • Knowledge of Excel functions (e.g. Vlookup, Sumif, pivot tables)


  1. Initial interview
  2. Assignment(s)
  3. Teammate interview
  4. Client interview
  5. Offer


  • Fully remote position
  • Online yoga and English classes
  • Internal Learning and Development Advisor / Consultant to support your growth
  • Salary increase opportunities based on performance
  • Opportunities for professional growth; working with the largest companies in the expanding cannabis industry ($10M+ monthly revenues).
  • Learn on the best accounting stack – Oracle, Sage, Xero, QBO Advanced & Python dev support