Account Management Lead AR

Hello, Account Management Lead!

My name is Nate Ginsburg and I am a serial entrepreneur. I’m the founder of SellerPlex, host of the Ecom Exits Podcast, and partner in a handful of other online businesses.

About the company:

SellerPlex is growing fast and we are in need of awesome people to help us give value to our clients and build awesome professional relationships with them.

Our mission is to help empower e-commerce/FBA entrepreneurs to run better businesses by supporting them with Supply Chain, Finance, and Operations services. We’re a huge believer in the importance of being a culture fit for long-term success.

About the role:

We are looking for an Account Management Lead with strong experience in managing a team and Amazon FBA and Seller Central. Besides this, you need to have experience in managing account Seller Central Account Health.

We also have many of our own SOPs and processes that we can share to get you up to speed on the projects. But we want someone who already has some amazing experience and understanding about FBA and that can come in and add value immediately.

An ideal applicant will have at least 5 years of experience with Amazon, with a focus on Ongoing Account Management and Account Health, and at least 4 years of experience with Project and Team Management.

This is a Full-Time Remote position.

About you:

  • Hard-working and ambitious
  • Detail-oriented
  • High integrity
  • Values being a part of a fast-paced, growth mindset team
  • Values delivering great work to support our customers

Responsibilities (but are not limited to):

  • Plan, execute, and oversee Account Health / Ongoing Account Management projects on Amazon FBA.
  • Manage and navigate Seller Central effectively to monitor and optimize Account Health / Ongoing Account Management
  • Lead and supervise a small to medium-sized team of professionals.
  • Utilize project management skills to plan, organize, and execute projects efficiently.
  • Develop and implement strategic initiatives to improve FBA operations and team performance.
  • Maintain excellent English communication skills to liaise with team members and stakeholders effectively.
  • Demonstrate a high level of organizational skills to manage projects, tasks, and team activities effectively.
  • Proactively identify and resolve issues and challenges before they escalate.
  • Exhibit a proactive mindset and a can-do attitude toward tackling tasks and challenges.
  • Exhibit a deep commitment to making a personal and professional impact.
  • Apply a systematic and process-oriented approach to operations and project management.


An ideal applicant will have skills/experience in the areas below:

  • Proven track record of managing Account Health / Ongoing Account Management projects in Amazon FBA
  • Strong experience in Seller Central
  • Experience in managing small and medium-sized teams
  • Experience with Project Management
  • Keeping track of your team member’s performance and results
  • Strategic thinking and acting

For this role, the following skills are needed:

  • Excellent English communication
  • VERY strong communication and organizational  skills
  • VERY strong process/systems thinking
  • CARES DEEPLY about having an impact personally and professionally
  • Takes initiative to solve problems BEFORE asked
  • Proactive mindset and can-do attitude


  • Working completely remote
  • Location independence
  • Great opportunity to grow
  • You’ll be joining a high-level and fast-paced team, working with exciting businesses and projects

If this sounds interesting to you please proceed with your application.

Kindly be advised that the recruitment process is being managed by Premier Media. For any further details or inquiries, please reach out to the Premier Media recruitment team, as they oversee all our hiring procedures.