(50) Rust Developer

  • Anywhere

Protofire is looking for an enthusiastic Rust Developer with proved experience in web3 projects. Your main responsibility will be to develop, review, debug and deploy Blockchain projects based on Rust. Also you will have a chance to participate in bootstrapping new blockchain or parachain networks using Rust based frameworks (i.e. Substrate, Solana).

What you need to succeed:

  • 5+ years of professional software development.
  • Recent proven experience using Rust; for instance Solana, OpenEthereum or Parity Substrate (Primitives, Frames, Pallets), EVM and permissionless blockchains. 
  • Good understanding of the borrowing memory model and generic type abstractions.
  • Good knowledge of smart contracts (Solidity, Rust, others) and web3 solutions. Experience with liquidity bridges is a big plus.
  • Desirable knowledge on multithreading model and synchronization techniques in Rust (+ knowledge of async implementations like Tokio)
  • Proven experience with either ETL, GraphQL, GoLang, NodeJS, Cloud Native stack, Infrastructure as Code (Terraform), cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure) and DevOps methodologies are a huge plus.
  • Strong team collaboration.
  • Significant experience working with multi-regional teams and remote scrum and agile inspired methodology environments.
  • In-depth knowledge of the software delivery/integration life cycle under agile methodology.
  • Strong problem-solving and communication/language skills. 
  • Advanced oral and written English skills.